Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Polar Express: Schwab Style

Looks like just an ordinary mini van, doesn't it?
Well tonight we transformed it into
The Polar Express!!
Every year we take Jeff's parents with us to drive around looking for
really neat Christmas light displays.
This year we added a twist.
Connor and Emma knew NOTHING.
I purchased a bell for each of the kids and Dominic helped
print up some Polar Express tickets.

While Jeff bathed the kids I set to work...
Hot cocoa for some, and tea for others. 
Emmy got chocolate milk in her sippy. 
Of course Jeff was the conductor. 
What? A picture of me?!?! 
When everyone/thing was in place and the kids were ready for bed,
the train whistle blew.
And tickets were passed out.
"What?!?!" Connor said. 
Tickets got punched on the way out to the garage station. 

They opened the van train door to find Ma and Papa waiting for the ride!!!! 
Dom was a good sport being scrunched in the back with Connor and I.
(It was cozy.) 
And we set forth with our beverages, bells, Christmas music, and smiles. 
We even listened to The Polar Express, read by Liam Nieson, in the car.
As the story began, Connor said to me, "Mom, you should really ask before you borrow something from me!"    Ha!
And for the next hour we drove around, finding really cool Christmas lights, lots of manger scenes, and re-discovering the magic of Christmas through the eyes of our children.
This ended up being such a cool twist of our usual tradition...
I think we might just do it again next year!


  1. You are the best mom in the entire universe.

  2. The back of that minivan seems like it would have been torture…

    #cramped teen

  3. ADORABLE. Next year, will you please pick us up? :)

    Okay, and did Dom comment right before me? If so, I'm dying, that's so funny.