Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yarn Wreath

Usually at this time of year I have NO time to be creative. I get the basic decorating and the baking and the shopping done...all of the usual stuff. Since I have been getting into this "blogging thing" and reading about others' creativity and great ideas, I came across the yarn wreath. I saw it on Etsy as well. I thought, "I could make that...no problem!"

So I ventured to the store, bought my supplies, and began. About 1/4 of the way through my first wrapping of yarn, I thought, "What was I thinking?!?! This thing is going to look like crap!"
But nonetheless, I had spent the money and was going to finish what I had started.

This was the end result. A little lumpy, but not too bad if you don't look at the back!
It's good enough in my opinion to display on the front door!

Enough creativity for me this season...on to the baking!


  1. It looks great! What type of base did you use? I've found the styrofoam ones work best with these kinds of wreaths. The kind that are made out of straw usually make them bumpy. I think it looks awesome though-- and great job with the rosettes!!!

  2. I DID use the straw one...I was debating between the two and ended up with that one...bummer!