Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introducing...Harley William!!

My sister-in-law, Shawna, was due with her and my brother's first baby Jan when I spoke with her yesterday (Dec 28) at 10 am and she said she was having some regular contractions, I told her, "Maybe...but it very well could be some false labor."
I was thinking, "No way, it's too early and it's her first!" So needless to say I was quite surprised at 3pm when I stopped by with the kids to see that she was still having regular contractions and they were getting stronger! I no sooner got home, called my boss to tell him I probably would not be in to work the next day, when I got a text saying, "Water broke...headed to the hospital."

Yeah!!! My nephew is on the way!!! I eagerly called Jeff, made dinner, packed up the essentials...
Foot Cream
Phone charger
Camera charger
...said goodbye to the fam, and off I went.
Things started off quickly. She was dilated to 7 when she got to the hospital, got the magic Epidural right away...and then we waited.
and waited.
and waited.

Ahhh, I LOVED this button when I was in labor!

Scott had the full Giants ensemble ready to roll. He was one excited soon-to-be-daddy!

After many long hours and 1 trip at 12:30 am home to do some damage control (Emma Kate and Connor have been pretty sick and Jeff had to work the next morning) I experienced one of the most beautiful acts of nephew coming into the world.

I cannot tell you how much I love my brother. For several years now we have had many conversations about his desire to find a wife and have children. For several years now I have watched him with my own children, thinking what an amazing dad he is going to be some day.

Today was the day! And I am so blessed to have been there to share it with them.

Harley William was born at 5:03 am

Weighing in at 10 lb 8oz and 23 1/2 in long!

I love this and am so excited that he is finally a part of the family!

I am also excited that when I am up at 2 am with Emma, I could

probably give Shawna a call!


  1. Welcome, Harley! Shawna is totally amazing!

  2. He is beautiful! Congratulations Scott & Shawna!!!

  3. Yay!! So excited for them and their new adventure! Congrats to the whole family.