Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Storage

Last year on December 1st this little elf showed up at The Schwab House. He came to watch the children and see how "good" they were during the day and then he would head up to the North Pole at night to report back to Santa. Every morning the elf came back to the house, but was sitting in a different place, high overhead so the kids couldn't touch him. Connor named him "Storage." Don't ask me why!!! But that's his name.
Last year Connor was scared of him and would walk in the room in which Storage was in, very gingerly, glancing up once in a while to make sure he hadn't moved. This year Connor LOVES getting up in the morning and searching for the little elf. (Connor's cousin, Cale, has an elf who comes to their house as well...his name is "Shelf." The boys like to compare stories about their elves.

This year Storage even showed up in Hawaii. (Post on our trip is coming soon!)

Connor thought that was pretty cool!

Here are a couple of places where we found him...

I LOVE Storage! When I can't get Connor to do what I want him last resort is to say, "Storage is watching!" (We also mention that God is always watching, but somehow Storage gets the point across!) I try it with Dominic...but for some reason it doesn't work as well.

And Emma Kate is next...I can't wait for her to ask, "Why is his name 'Storage?'"

Thank God for Jeff and Dominic...many nights Storage doesn't get moved to a new spot...oops.

Do you have an "Elf on the Shelf?" What is his name?


  1. That elf thing CRACKS me up. Mel (Larson Lingo) does it too. Hilarious.

  2. I need one of those for my classroom.