Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest Moon

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by! We had such a great time and squeezed every moment out of it that we possible could. It began with work on Saturday for both Jeff and I. (OK, that was obviously NOT the fun part!) Dominic left for Santa Cruz with youth group on Friday for the weekend and the "little kids" got to go to "Bunga's" for the morning while I was at work.

Saturday evening marked Jeff's annual Harvest Moon Train Ride. This is where the volunteers at the railroad museum he belongs to get together for the first full moon of Fall and ride the train at lights, just a few lanterns and the light of the moon. We usually gather the kids and go out to ride, even though it means very late bedtimes. (Connor woke up Sat. morning, came downstairs with very sleepy eyes, and asked, "Is it time for the "Night Time Train?!?!" He was VERY excited!) This year my parents watched Emma Kate. Connor and I invited some very dear friends from church to come along, and Jeff was the engineer on the steam engine. Since we had company joining us, we of course had to go to dinner first! So we met Steve, Lisa, Lydia, and Eva at Skipolini's for some PIZZA! In case you don't know me very well....I LOVE PIZZA! We had the added surprise of seeing Heidi and family there as well.

I'm not sure if Eva likes the pizza or the ranch better!

Connor had his arm around Lydia for quite some time!
I think it made her daddy feel a little nervous:)

I had an extra attachment throughout the whole train ride.
Eva stuck to me like glue! I loved every minute of it!

You're welcome Steve and only had one child to keep and eye on! We loved having you join us!

Sunday morning we forced ourselves up and out of the house early for church. After, we decided to head to downtown Martinez for their Annual Italian Street Painting Festival. This is where local artists bring their chalk and create masterpieces on the sidewalks. It is very impressive to see what they can do. There were also lots of vendors and the Farmer's Market.

(Still in progress...)

We had to stop for some Mexican food since we were there!

Connor and Daddy are looking for the very famous beavers.
They built a damn there across the river and have caused quite the stir in Martinez the past few years.

And finally...some Farmer's Market! Connor loves rasberries and I picked up some squash for dinner. Yes, he ate the whole thing before we got to the car!
Dominic came home full of excitement from a weekend full of fellowship, fun, and prayer. We thank the Lord every day that He continues to draw Dominic nearer to Him, even through his teen years thus far.
Jeff's parents came over for dinner and a walk and we ended the weekend perfectly...
Time to spend the week working off my "weekend sins!"


  1. Jam packed weekend! I can't believe how much Emma Kate changes! She looks like Jeff in that picture!

  2. I second Heidi's comment! Such cute pictures.

  3. She's so big already!! What a crazy weekend, but so much fun. I admire families like yours that get the kids out of the house so much for activities. I hope to do much more of that once it cools down.

  4. thus far?! way to have faith in me mom! jk