Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hangin' at The Heiden's

Since my brother, Scott, got married a few months ago, we have begun Family Dinner Night, at least that's what I call it. Nothing official, it just seems like about once a week we get together with Uncle Scott and Aunt Shawna for dinner. Most of the time we have it at our house, since we have the little kids with early bedtimes and the older one with lots of homework during the week.
A couple of nights ago we went to their house for dinner and the Giants game. Yes, good times!
The evening began with Lego's for the boys...

Aunt Shawna made chicken noodle soup. From scratch. Made her own noodles. Who does that?!?! It was amazing, even if it was 100 degrees that day! More lego building took place, while Dominic, Amanda (a good friend,) and Uncle Scott played a game of SkipBo.

We kept Emma Kate up way past bedtime. She was a trooper though.

Aunt Shawna was still in the kitchen...making something yummy and very "Fall-smelling!"

Some kind of pumpkin goodness!! I think I died and went to heaven!

And to top it all off...the Giants beat the Diamondbacks!!! Sorry Kim.


Thank you, Scott and Shawna for the yummy food...and I forgot to mention...the yummiest margarita I've had in a VERY LONG time! We love living close enough to you to get together often and thank the Lord every day for blessing us with you in our lives. Can't wait for Baby Harley to join us!


  1. That's awesome that you guys live so close that you can get together so often. It will be especially awesome when their baby is born so the cousins can grow up together. (and, no worries on the D'Backs - I'm still a Giants girl. Well, if I have to choose, I'm a Giants girl. Honestly, I just really hate baseball... is that un-American?)

  2. Oh my lord! Those cookies look fantastic!