Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And it Continues with Connor

Connor started Pre-School again this week. Dominic's friend thought that Connor had been held back. Very cute! Connor, unlike Dominic, likes the picture by the tree idea! Of course once he got to school, the first thing he headed for was the train table. I could barely squeeze a kiss good-bye out of him. He had a great day and loves his new teacher. He said that when they went outside he played "Bad Guy" with two other boys. Connor was the "bad guy" and was chased by the "cops." When we told him he could be the good guy as well, he said he liked being the bad guy better. This was the highlight of his day. I hope this is no indication of future events in his life! A mother can only pray.


  1. :) Love that pic by the tree. He's such a little man already.

  2. He looks so much like Jeff in the close up by the tree! So cute!