Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Man, Oh Man!

Senior Year for my Dominic is well under way.
Announcements have been ordered.
Cap and gown too.
His last Homecoming has come and gone.
And his Senior Pictures have arrived!
So, to all my peeps who have been around since the day I gave birth to this guy...
are you ready to feel old?!?!

And the picture, when being taken, that brought tears to my eyes...

It doesn't seem like THAT long ago that this young man had just entered the world.
I can still picture him under the oxygen hood fighting for his life.
And can still feel the wrench of my heart when the doctors told me that his infection could cause Spinal Meningitis.
He had a 20% chance of living.
And of that 20%, a 50% chance of being mentally disabled.
Yet here he is!
I am so grateful!
And so excited to see his college plans develop over these next few months.
P.S. Two acceptance letters have come in...!
George Foxx
and his #1 choice...


  1. So awesome, so exciting...and man, I'm old! :)

  2. SO PROUD! So so sosososososososososooooooooo PROUD!!!

  3. So proud of him-- and of you and your faithfulness, mama!