Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Halloween 2013

I have to admit that I really do love Halloween. Not so much a fan of the pumpkin carving.
But I love the dressing up part!
And the decorations.
Last year on Halloween I was fighting a tummy bug,
so this year I was feeling grateful that we all were well.
Connor was able to wear his costume to school this year so I got him all ready to go, feeling a little sad that I wasn't working at the bank. ( I always wore a costume to work on Halloween.)
As we walked Connor to his classroom, we admired all of the parents in costume; and upon arriving back home Emmy and I immediately got to work.
I decided that I at least wanted to do some sort of scary makeup and Emmy wanted to join in on the fun...

Yes, I let her have full access to the makeup and she was so proud!
(We even ran to Costco like that.)
Then it was off to visit Dad at work for an impromptu lunch date.
The ladies in the office went crazy over EK!
They filled up her treat bag with all kinds of yumminess and took tons of pictures.
She was definitely the princess for the day. (They even had a crown for her!) 
We made it back to town to watch Connor's school parade and participate in his class party.
Shortly after, it was off to the cousins' house for trick or treating...
Here's a pic of Luke Skywalker and Merida...
(They both were very excited that they naturally had hair to fit their characters. It was Emmy's idea to color her hair orange instead of buying a wig. "Mommy, I have curly hair just like Merida!!") 
Our group... 
There is a house on our route that has the most amazing decorations every year. 
This year did not disappoint!
And my kids, as they do every year, stayed across the street with Ma.
They want nothing to do with that spookiness! 
These two totally hit the jackpot with candy! 
And as if that weren't enough, we stopped at our church Halloween party on the way home to see a bunch of our friends...and get MORE candy!
Then we had meltdown.
Too much partying.
No nap.
But not before checking out how our pumpkins were doing on the front porch...
[From left to right: Emmy's, Mommy's (with Daddy's electric drill), Connor's]
Note...Connor designed his own...I was skeptical and told him I didn't think it would work...
I stand corrected!
Happy Halloween!!!
(A little late.)


  1. Such a fun age for Halloween. We, too, were scared of the decorations this year. Hoping next year is a little happier :)

  2. You are so funny. :) Love the make up! Emma is so adorable. :)