Thursday, April 11, 2013

Junior Prom

Last month was Dominic's Junior Prom...
I remember my Junior Prom Night very vividly.
Thank God Dominic is a different kid than I was!
A couple months back a girl in Dom's Chemistry class (a Sophmore) asked him if he would take her to Prom. After some thought, he told her that he would.
A few weeks later, after some coaching by a few girlfriends, Dom realized he had to officially ask this girl.
Apparantly the "asking" part is a really big deal!
So Dominic got creative. At work one day he made these up...
And the following day he asked his 1st Period teacher if he could be excused, went to Mayra's French classroom, interupted the class, walked up to her desk, where she was seated in the front, bent down on one knee, and opened the box.
She was all smiles and by 2nd Period Weights everyone had heard about it.
The day finally came...and I am slowly coming to realize just how grown up my young man is!
However, he still needed me to help him figure out the cufflinks and the double buttons in the shirt.
Yay! He still needs me for some things!!!
And...we had a shoe debacle.
When he put the shoes on, they were HUGE!!!
Thank the Lord that The Men's Wherehouse is only 3 mins from our house, Mayra was running late, and they were all meeting just around the corner for pictures!
It all worked out and these kids looked AMAZING!
Dominic, the twins on his left, and Chris (far left) have been best friends since 2nd Grade!
We have been so blessed that Dom has had really great friends with amazing families throughout the years.
They still do corsages...
And boutonniers...
Which I still don't know how to put on!
I love the bright colors of the girls' dresses. 
Cute shoes too!! 
Look at those studs!! 
Here's Dom and Chris... 
This is where I feel the sudden urge to insert a picture from their 8th Grade Graduation Dance... 
They've changed a bit huh?!?!
After pictures we stayed at the twins' house for salad and pizza.
Remember when it was a big deal to go out for a nice dinner before the dance?
Not anymore...a lot of the kids plan dinners together at home now.
P.S. Some do it very elaborately!
The limo was scheduled to come at 7:00.
It never showed!
We aren't sure what happened since it had been arranged online by one of the boys.
But all 3 of us moms immediately started calling around to find a last minute limo.
Eventually a couple parents drove them to the dance, which was at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley.
(Funny that that was where I went to my Senior Ball...with Dom's father.)
But we did find a limo to bring them all home.
We were so bummed for them...the limo is one of the most exciting parts of the evening!
So you might be wondering what the going curfew is these days...
normally Dom has to be in by 11.
But Prom is special right?
So the limo dropped them off at the twins' house at 11:30 and Dom was home at 12:45am.
ONLY because I knew exactly where he was and who he was with.
Cuz I'm strict like that!
Overall they had a great time and it was a successful night!
Here's one more gratuitous couple shot... 
P.S. I would probably be killed if I wrote much about it so I won't...
if you want to know anything about how teenagers are dancing these days...
look up...T*W*E*R*K*I*N*G!
Connor and Emma Kate...your mom WILL be chaperoning some day!


  1. I don't know how this post is even possible, considering Dom is still a baby and we just took turns holding him at your Mom's house.

  2. Awwww, Junior Prom! So exciting! And where was Dom when I was in high school having to ask my own date to prom??? :) So sweet!

  3. Of COURSE it's all about how he asks! It wasn't like that for you in high school??? That is absolutely adorable. Dom has some pretty impressive doughnut penmanship-- I may hire him for a party one of these days. :)

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  5. love these prom pix. the girls dresses are darling, and tasteful.

    t.w.e.r.k.i.n.g.?? so curious!