Friday, April 5, 2013

Girls' Trip!!

If you know me, you know that I love me some Girl Time!
And you also know that I love me some San Francisco Giants!
So what better trip than to go have some Girl Time in AZ and see a Spring Training Game
at the same time.
Kim lives in AZ and gave birth to her 2nd child a couple months ago.
We have had this trip planned for months to go meet Baby Owen.
This was not only my first trip to AZ but my first trip to experience Kim's life in AZ.
And she has lived there forever!
P.S. I don't get out much!

This was a different kind of Girls' Trip.
It was super relaxed.
We saw a game.
We relaxed.
We drank wine.

I met Owen.
And got to catch up with the Big Sister! 
And play with more kiddos...! 

There was lots of playing to be done. 
Let me explain something here...
I have had children at least one child for a very long time!
I remember once upon a time, when I was the only one of "the girls" with a child,
wishing that I had someone to talk with that understood what it was like...
both the good and the bad!
Someone I could call up after a very. Long. Night...
who would understand what I really meant when I said, "I am so tired!"
Someone who would understand what I really meant when I said that I never thought I could love another human being the way I loved my little man.
Now...the Lord has blessed me with many girlfriends who have been blessed with kids of their own.
I am so grateful for that!
And not a moment goes by that I take it for granted.
I have a group of girls who are not only amazing friends, but are amazing mothers!
One of the best parts about this trip was that I didn't have my own children with me.
Of course, right?!?!
But seriously...I got to really enjoy the other kids because I wasn't distracted with my own.
And that was really fun! 

That being said, I look forward to a day when we ALL get together with ALL our kids.
That would be so crazy!
And so fun! 
Thank you Kim for inviting us all into your home and letting us soak up all the time
we could with you and your awesome family!


  1. Looks fun!! Love your pics!!!

  2. I love your pictures from the weekend! So glad you FINALLY got to come out. :) Love you!

  3. Laura, you took SUCH great pictures! Every single pic of the kids is adorable. :) Such a fun trip! Can't wait for the next one.