Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day 2012

This Father's Day was a lot more relaxed than it normally is.
All the other father's in our lives, except for J, were out of town for most of the day.
So that allowed us to relax and enjoy the day together.

We had time to play a game. 
 Jeff wanted a special lunch.
The boys worked on putting together a new rocket they're planning on launching soon.
(Don't be's a pretty simple engine powered something or other....I'm not really involved in this little venture, but I am assured it's safe. I hope.) 
 We had some special surprises for J.
Dominic had gone and purchased his own gift for him...
The clock was a huge hit!
And Dominic even offered his help in putting it up. 

I also rallied the kids and we filled out the following questionaires about their dad.

Dom's version: 

 Connor's version:
And Emma's version:


and Connor

 had even decorated their own poster board signs to hang in the house.

After Emma Kate woke from her nap we headed down to a local bbq cook-off/fair.
We walked around a bit and told The Littles they could ride one ride.

The following are my favorite ppics from the day

I was so surprised because typically Connor is my Nervous Nelly and Emma Kate is my Dare Devil.
(Thank you to Tegan who suggested PicMonkey for collaging!
It's not perfect, but ok for my first try.)

We ended the day with my parents and my brother's family all joining us for dinner at our house.
It was so relaxed and if not for a few glasses of wine, I would have some pictures of our time together as well.

We didn't get to see Jeff's dad at all:(

I'm not gonna lie...the day was exhausting.
I got up with the kids in the morning and let Jeff sleep in a little.
I also did bedtime routine on my own, letting him relax in the evening.

Not only did I go to bed exhausted, I went to bed thankful.
Thankful to our ultimate Father.
Thankful for my own wonderful father who is still in my life.
Thankful for an amazing FIL who has always been a great example to my hubby as to who a father and husband should be.
Thankful for a brother who is finally the awesome father I always knew he would be.
And thankful for an amazing husband, who not only has given his all to father my own son, but is amazing with our two other little munchkins as well.


  1. Such a nice post! Did Dominic get a haircut??? It looks great! Love, love, love that pic of Connor and Emma Kate on the ride. So funny!

  2. LOVE the clock!!! And the interviews were so funny!! The picture of Emma and Connor on the ride is hilarious!!! Lastly, I need to come visit now that there's an In-n-Out burger close by...oh how I wish they'd come to GA!

  3. Super nice clock! :)
    Love the pics of Connor and Emma - will have to check out PicMonkey.

  4. Those questionnaires are the best! I love all of the kids' answers. :)