Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrating Naomi

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting (along with two others) a Meet the Baby Shower for Baby Naomi. Naomi is the 3rd daughter of one of my girlfriends from church.
My friend, Lisa, didn't know what she was having until she gave birth...and so we decided to throw her a party after the baby was born.

And here she is...

So sweet!

Now I have hosted my share of showers, parties, etc...both on my own, and alongside some of the dearest women in my life...but never had I hosted anything with these amazing women.
So I wasn't sure what to expect...
Our ideas gelled so well!

Elisa made this welcome sign by popping the glass out of a frame and adding fabric.

We had planned on using Emma Kate's baby cradle for gifts but at the last minute Elisa suggested we use this old dresser... I seem to remember a certain husband saying something along the lines of...
"I thought you were having a 'vintage shower' not a 'crap shower'" in reference to the dresser.
I LOVE how it turned out! 

She also looked up the meanings of Naomi and punched out little tags with those meanings on them to drape acrosss the mirror.

I had invaded Lisa's home a couple weeks before to take some pictures, printed them in Sepia, and hung them on the fence.

Here's the patio...
 And the tables...

For favors we simply purchased 6 packs of Vinca's, cut the 6 packs into 2 packs, wrapped them in butcher paper (Lucky's generously gave us a few sheets from the meat department,) and then wrapped them with jute. We also attached a coffee-stained monogrammed tag.
We used these clustered together as centerpieces and then gave them as favors.
 We also used more jute and tags to wrap the flatware.

Here are the food tables...
A closer look at some of the yummies...

(In addition to the chocolate chip scones, Andrea made Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze.
They were the best scone I have ever tasted in my life!)

And my favorite...the cupcake table!!!

 P.S. Not long ago I saw a pin on Pinterest on spray painting old champagne glasses to use for different things...Ironically 2 short days later my MIL asked me if I wanted her old champagne glasses...ummmm...yes please!
So I painted them and Voila!
We incorporated them on the cupcake table.

And lastly...the drink station...
I got to use my new mason jar drink dispenser that my hubby gave me for Mother's Day...

And I've been waiting for a good excuse to order some paper stripey straws. LOVE them!
I made some Strawberry Lemonade to fill them with. Yum! (Another Pinterest find.)

Can you tell by all the pics that I am in love with this shower?!?!
It was more than I had imagined!
I had so much fun planning it with these ladies.
(Their ideas were perfect for Lisa.)
And I had so much fun watching Lisa discover all the work we put into it.

Here's Lisa on the left with a couple ladies at the shower...
 Oh yeah... I also had a blast watching her open lots of little girl goodies!

Congratulations Lisa!
I am so happy for you and your family.
And I am praying for that hubby of yours, because he indeed...
lives in a Princess House!


  1. Fun! Love how the favors turned out!

  2. Oh my gosh... that is a BEAUTIFUL shower!

  3. I just ordered that drink dispenser from PB!

    And I LOVE the spray painted glassware-- so cute!

    Nice job, Laura! Naomi is just adorable. :)