Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eggs, Eggs, & An Easter Bunny

Is it too late to write Easter Posts?!?!

Easter weekend began, as it usually does, with an Easter Egg hunt at Ma and Papa's neighborhood park...complete with cousins!

We started with some brother/sister pictures...

And of some of the cousins...

Connor and Cale were ready to do some hunting!

So was Corben...

Emma Kate would've been happy just taking off with the basket full of bunnies they had waiting for all the kids...

Dominic is content to watch these days...

As we were waiting for the hunts to begin, the kids sighted the Easter Bunny!
This was the first year that Connor wasn't afraid...hesitant...yes...but seeing as how his cousins went to say, "Hello," I think he thought it was safe enough to approach:)

Dominic tried to show Emma Kate that is was ok to get close...

But she decided she'd rather look from afar.

Corben and Emma Kate got to hunt first in the younger age group...

And then it was Game On! for the big kids!!!

 We got everyone together for a grandkid photo.
(Errr...who put the arbor right where there were tons of shadows?!?!)
We had the Easter Bunny sneak up and in the photo so Emma wouldn't freak out!
Just as I was snapping a couple pics, Papa shouted, "Look who's behind you!"
Poor Papa, he didn't know...but that was the end of the pictures with the Easter Bunny for Emmers!

The kids were very excited for their loot.

Emmy got Fruit Loops.
Connor got Jelly Belly's, Skittles and M&M's.

 Which Dominic was glad to help with;)

Later that evening we colored our own Easter eggs.

Connor is at the perfect age for so many things!

He was so excited to help. Dominic had also looked online for some unique egg-dying techniques.

And I tried a Pinterest idea...
which was a little bit of a flop.
(I couldn't get the glitter off the rest of the egg.)
But if you want to give it a try next use 2 sided Scrapbooking Dots...apply them to the egg...and roll in glitter. (If the egg is too cold, the dots won't stick.)
They were pretty though!

Here's a sampling of some of the others the kids did...

We had a lot of fun with them and finished the evening with my parents and grandma over to watch a movie. If you haven't seen "We Bought a Zoo" yet...go watch it!
(Connor is standing by my side requesting that you come watch it at our house!)
More Easter Pics to come!...