Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Bliss

Oh, my poor neglected blog...this is what I feared when I first began blogging...not having the time to keep up. OK, I am no busier than the average mom, I just have been feeling so overwhelmed by the busy schedule lately, that I just haven't been able to bring myself to deal with hundreds of pictures and creative writing!
But today is the day! Yeah, for Spring Break! I have to work my normal schedule, but not having to get the kids here and there and everywhere is a nice break for me as well.
It has now been over a week since my birthday and I am still coming off the "birthday high!" This was definitely one of the most fun...long lasting birthday's I've had.
And consider yourself warned...this post is long-lasting as well!
My actual birthday was Sat, March 31st...but it all started on Friday when I got to work. Everyone at work had made a birthday sign for me, stuffed my cash can with balloons, littered my work station with confetti, and brought dessert. I also had a beautiful bouquet of red roses delivered, compliments of my hubby. All afternoon customers wished me "Happy Birthday." A couple even brought gifts! So sweet. Secretly I love to work on my birthday...I kinda like attention...shhh...
Saturday, the actual day was filled with the typical "mom stuff" like laundry, a rained-out baseball game, and baseball pictures...in the rain...for Connor. I did get to go for a special one-on-one-lunch date with my little buddy though. That never happens!
The day "concluded" with a planned trip to San Francisco with some friends. Alan and Mary had originally invited us to go to the city that night to celebrate their 1 month anniversary...but it turned into a birthday "party" as well.
We started out on the Embarcadero at Hillstone.

We enjoyed some yummy beverages in the bar followed by an amazing dinner.
I have to admit...I tried everyone's dinner...at our table that is...
And everyone's was amazing!

After dinner I snagged us a $20 limo ride to our next destination!

Which was "The Bubble Lounge"...a super cool champagne lounge a friend had recommended to me.

We were a little early for our reservations so we went outside and took some pictures while we waited...Mary, like many of my other friends, appreciates the importance of some cool photos.
LOVE this one...

Here's one of the bar inside the lounge...

The Bubble Lounge was awesome! We had a table surrounded by couches and a couple arm chairs. They made the guys mojitos with champagne instead of club soda...? I think that's what they're normally made with! It was pricey though...$20 for an average glass of champagne.

And of course we had to have a little dessert :)

They also have dancing downstairs, but things were just starting to buzz as we left. Did I mention I'm getting old? We were all starting to yawn at 11! I know...pathetic!
But that's ok, because my parents had all the kids all night, so J and I got an amazing night's sleep, picked the kids up for church in the morning...and I got ready for more birthday celebration...

Mary, Britt, and Heidi picked me up for Sunday Champagne brunch at The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, where Jaime, Lindsey, Tegan, and Marlee met us.
I have wanted to go to The Claremont's Sunday Brunch forever!
 It lived up to every expectation I had...and more!


I love that Heidi didn't hesitate for a second to grab my camera and steal some pictures of the amazing food!

Everything was gorgeous, including the view from our window seats.

Our servers kept the champagne and oj coming:) I swear, there was oj too! Ahhh...mimosas!

And of course...a soda...for a certain someone at the table...not me!

Another highlight to brunch was that I finally got to meet Marlee! So precious! And what better birthday present is there than a new baby falling asleep on you?!?!

OK, this present runs a close second! The girls brought several gifts, including a certain pole I have been coveting for quite a while. Don't tell anyone I own this...please!

This next picture is horrible of me, but I couldn't resist the one with the guy in the background checking out my gift!

And this one...where his wife made it in the photo too:)

Everyone was so generous with their gifts and treating me to brunch also!
I cannot thank them enough.
It truly would have been enough to just get to spend a couple hours with them.

Here we all are...with Laura's eyes closed right in the middle.

Did I mention my friends like cool photos?!?!

Wait! that's not all!

Nope! The celebrating didn't stop here!
Thursday evening Scott and Shawna had us over for a birthday dinner.
Shawna searched on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to try the Pioneer Woman's Spaghetti recipe.
She made that and Cadburry Cream Egg Cupcakes.
I have to say that I felt very guilty going to their house for dinner, considering they have a brand-new-baby!

And finally...the very last celebration was with Jeff's family on Easter...Becki bought a cake and they sang to me as well.

WoW! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Everyone made me feel so special! I received gifts and cards from far away friends too.

I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.
And so blessed to get to spend another year with them, even if it means that I have now found a few gray hairs on my head and some permanent smile lines.


  1. Smile lines are from smiling often! You are truly blessed! I'm glad I was part of your fun filled weekend! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. I love every piece of this post! And so jealous you got to meet Marlee :) Wish I could have been there!

  3. Laura, your hair looks AWESOME in those pics from SF. And brunch was so much fun! I NEED the recipe for the Cadbury Cream Egg cupcakes. Stat.