Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunch Bunch

All year I have been trying to get Connor to stay after school an extra hour for "Lunch Bunch." Lunch Bunch is a program offered at Connor's pre-school for the kids to stay, have lunch, and play a while longer. The cost of the extra hour is a donation to help with extra costs and is tax deductible. I have tried many things to get him to go...when we're out shopping and I see lunch boxes, I tell him, "I'll buy you a lunch box so you can stay for Lunch Bunch...!"


"Jack stays for Lunch Bunch...!"


Then one day after school Connor says to me, "Mom! I want to stay for Lunch Bunch!!!"
With Connor being my second child, I know by now that these kids do not just change their minds over night...there's always something behind it.

So I asked Connor, "Oh really! How come?"

"Tessa (Connor's 'girlfriend') stays for Lunch Bunch!"

Ahh Haa!

Well regardless of the reason, this was the moment I had been waiting for! So we hopped online, he picked out a lunch box, and today he is all set to go!

Sometimes as parents we just need a little patience for our kids to come around!
Last night he helped make his lunch.
(I don't know why I'm rushing this...I've never let Dom buy lunches at school on a regular basis, and don't plan to with the other kids...that means many more packed lunches in our future.)
He LOVED helping!

He was very excited and wanted me to take a picture of his lunch.

I explained to him how Mommy likes to write notes on the napkin. (Once in a great while on the very rare occasion that I actually make Dominic's lunch, I still write a note on his napkin. Once a Mom, always a Mom...even if I do make him make his own lunch!)

He chose a penguin lunch box "because it's winter."

I LOVE this little face! Note the scar still present between his eyebrows from this post a couple of weeks ago. Pray that it goes away!


  1. Sooo cute!! Love the penguin!! And I love that you write them notes...reminds me of my mom! :)

  2. What a little flirt! And what a good Momma for writing those love notes to your kids :)

  3. Lunch bunch sounds fun! Can Teddy go, too?

  4. I LOVED it when my mom would put notes in my lunch! What a good Momma you are!

  5. Ah... so that explains the lunch box text from a couple weeks ago. :) So cute! And I love that he wanted to help.