Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shrimp Pasta

Something you may or may not know about me...I'm not big on fish...except canned tuna...don't judge me! My dad has never liked fish, so as I was growing up my mom never prepared it for the family. Exposure is key here! So in my older years I have begun opening my mind a little here and there. My hubby happens to be a big fan of Chippino...I'm so not a fish fan that I don't even know if I spelled that correctly!
I happen to have a couple of amazing cooks in my "go to's" for all things cooking! Now baking...I hear a lot of complaining how it's an exact science...I happen to be a person who loves exact science...give me a recipe and I'm good! I can bake almost anything.

The other day Heidi was telling me about her dinner she made the night before...sounded very yummy...and very healthy. So I gave it a whirl! I asked her how she made it...if you know Heidi and how she is when you ask her how to make something, she uses words like "some," handful,"
and "sprinkle a little." I prefer terms like "1/2 tsp," "1 cup," and "2 pounds." Did I mention that I like exact science?!?! But after several phone calls asking for some very specific instructions...I made it through! Thank you Heidi!
My favorite part about it...well I had lots of favorite parts about it...
Tasted fantastic!
It included fish!
Very impressive looking!
Healthy and low fat!

You should have seen the look of surprise on my brother's face when he saw me shelling the shrimp! He was very impressed! And my hubby...super excited to see I made something "fishy!"

Ingredients list:

Whole wheat pasta

Fresh tomatoes

Canned tomatoes




Red Pepper Flakes

Fresh (this had to be specified to me) Basil

Fresh Parsley


(I think that was all.)

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