Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas 2016

Back in true form with tons of pictures! I love Christmas time and all that comes with it.
These days, with Dominic being away at college, I love Christmas even more because it means all my people are under one roof!
This year my brother and his family were traveling for Christmas so we celebrated a little early with them. P.S. This put all our kids in full present mode a week early!

Emma Kate has started going through her room at Christmas and gathering things of hers to give as gifts to everyone. This is what Uncle Scott got this year....

And how I've wrapped my gifts the past couple years...

While Scott and Shawna were busy packing for the FOREVER trip, we swooped up Harley and Abby and took the kids to the Living Nativity.
This is our second time and we love it so much!
They have tons of activities for the kids and every 1/2 hour they re-enact the Christmas story.

*I have no idea who that little girl is on the left or how she got in our picture. lol*

I like to take each of my kiddos out for a Christmas date, complete with Christmas shopping and dessert every year. This year Connor was the only one who got to go. I don't know HOW I ran out of time. We seemed to be cramming everything in the last few days before.

Including going to see Santa! At least this year we made it on the 23rd!
I see everyone's "Crying Baby Santa Pics" and I'm not gonna lie...I'm a little's been YEARS since any of my kids were scared of Santa. 
So this year Dominic hammed it up a little...
I love this pic better than the professional one taken...
(Thank you Dominic!!)

Connor and Emma Kate sang in the kids' Christmas Eve choir again.
Definitely a highlight of this service!

And my picture of the kids in front of the Christmas tree.
(These days not much of the tree shows! Maybe next year we'll sit.)

Dominic and Missy were both home for 3 full weeks! It's always a little difficult when he comes home so early because we wanna just hang with him all the time but we still had work and school up until Christmas so I felt a little robbed of our time with him:(

Christmas Eve Jeff's parents go to church with us and then come back to the house to exchange gifts and hangout a bit.

Dominic set up Emmy's new mini iPad...

And we ate lots of cookies!
(Dominic was a rockstar and led the kids in most of the cookie baking this year. Did I mention I ran out of time already?!)

After Jeff's parents leave my family moves in for the night. Usually this includes Scott and fam but this year was quiet with just Mom and Dad. We watch The Polar Express and get breakfast ready for the morning.

We go to bed WAY TOO late and the kids wake us up WAY TOO early!

And no matter how often I threaten the kids in the weeks prior that Santa is watching...
he always comes!

After my parents take off we head over to Jeff's parents to have Christmas dinner with them and his sister's family.

I think this was Dominic's favorite gift this year...
He LOVES Ronald Reagan and will wear this shirt proudly!

Jeff's parents always think of something clever and this was our family gift this year...
a blanket with a picture of the two of them on it!

It was a wonderful Christmas and we are so blessed to have one another and the many gifts that are provided. It was a season of mixed emotions though. We missed my brother and his family. 
And the Monday before we had to have our sweet Libby put down. She was such a gift to all of us.

We miss her so much.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season celebrating our Lord's birth and spending lots of time with your loved ones!

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