Friday, September 19, 2014

3rd and Pre-K!

This year all 3 of the kids are starting school at different times, which has been quite nice, allowing for some adjustment in between each 1st day.
Connor started 3rd Grade August 25. 
He has Mrs. McCabe for a teacher this year and we knew nothing about her until Connor peaked through the blinds of the classroom to see a Buster Posey bobblehead sitting on the shelf.
That was enough for Connor to decide that she was the BEST TEACHER EVER!
When I heard that the district awarded her with the "Teacher of the Year" award last year, that was enough for me to be convinced.
P.S. I kind of like it when we don't know anything about a teacher ahead of time. No preconceived ideas and we get to decide on our own how good, or not-so-good she is.
My ginormous little man...long socks and all!

The second we stepped in the classroom I was reminded how young he still is.
There's even a rocking chair in the room. LOVE IT!

I about came out of my skin when I saw his name tag! 
This is the year they learn cursive!
(I still remember how excited I was to learn how to write "pretty.")
So glad they still teach it:)

Then there's My Emmers!
September 7 was her first day of Pre-K. 3 days a week this year! The same 3 days that I'm at work so we can still have our Tuesday's and Thursday's together another year.
She was so excited!

The poor girl ate it at the park the day before and scratched up her face pretty well.
She was a little concerned people would notice. Seriously?!
Look how tall she is next to her best friend, Charlotte!
P.S. I think Heidi and I would look exactly like this if we had a picture together at this age! Lol!
SO CUTE! I absolutely love these two!
And...she found her cubby!
It was so strange to not have Dominic starting school too. He's started the same day as Connor for several years now and it definitely was weird!
He will start September 29. 


  1. Crazy times is right. I am so surprised Connor is going to learn cursive! I thought most schools had done away with it. (P.S. I always remember you having the best handwriting. You and Kevin Albertson.) Also, Emma Kate looks exactly like you, and I love it. Can't wait to hear about Dom's big sendoff!

  2. Love these pics. And you're right. Emma and her BFF would have been us 300 years ago. ;)

  3. I think L took all the words out of my mouth--love the cursive, reminders of you and Kevin having the best handwriting (ha ha!) and the fact that Emma Kate is your mini-me! :)

  4. Emma is totally your mini-me! I can't believe these kids are growing up so quickly.