Saturday, August 23, 2014

Only a Matter of Time

I know in many of my posts I talk about the idea of time and how quickly it marches on. I probably sound like a broken record and if anyone else, aside from my kiddos, ever read this, I'm sure you can relate!

The fact that I haven't written one single post since the beginning of January attests to the business of life and how quickly life really does pass us by. Here I am faced with the last weekend of summer already! I have "missed" birthday's, end-of-the-school-year, Easter, graduation, 4th of July, and many family adventures this summer...yet I haven't really missed anything at all. As the days go faster and time with our oldest son still in the house quickly slips away, I have become so much more intentional about being in the moment. These past months have given me perspective on the time we have with the kids, actually the time we have with anyone we really care about. This is partly why I haven't been writing. I do want to catch up though...if for no other reason than to have documentation of a really amazing year!

I look back to this time last year when Emma Kate was starting pre-school, Connor, the 2nd grade, and Dominic...his senior year of high school. I was so stressed about the college application process, visiting schools, and just how it all would come together. And here we are, ready for Connor and Emmy to go back to school. And savoring our last few weeks with Dom. Time and time again the Lord shows that He will never fail me if I continue to trust in Him. Why? Why do I continue to try to be in control?!

So I'm not sure where to go from here...over and over again I've debated whether to just ditch the year and begin fresh from here, or to go back down memory lane of 2014. If I started again from today, I would be cheating the kids out on so much, which is really why I do this...for them. So to anyone who reads blogs anymore, much less, mine...I'm may read about Christmas in August or Easter in September; possibly even summer vacations in October. But to my kids...this is my gift to you. Hopefully someday as you read these posts, memories will come flooding back, bringing warmth in your heart and a smile to your face. I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Sweet. Blogs aren't fun unless they're fun for the writer, and you've had plenty of fun this year :)

  2. LOVE that family picture! And you'll catch up... but if you don't, that's okay too. :) Busy making memories!

  3. Love this family picture! And I'll read about Christmas 2013 anytime!! :)