Saturday, September 14, 2013

1St Day of Pre-School

This week marked the last very first day of school in our family.
That's right.
My baby started Pre-School.
And she was SO ready!
She couldn't wait and cried on the boys' 1st day of school because she wanted to go also.
Look at this big girl! 
P.S. I ordered her a backpack from PBK but it didn't come in time.
We bought a substitute at Target for this week, but it's GIGANTIC on her!
She is going to the same pre-school Connor attended.
All of the teachers are still there and remember when Emmy was born.
Every morning is filled with warm hugs and smiles.
Some would think that after the 3rd kid, I would be used to these milestones and not get emotional anymore. WRONG!
But it helped that she was totally happy, got busy right away, and before we even started to say good-bye, she looked up from her book and said, "Bye Mom. Bye Dad!" 
That was it.
Just like that.
Time to leave my baby at school.
She had a wonderful morning and is already meeting new friends!


  1. SO adorable. I love everything about this post, right down to the pink Crocs.

  2. Such a big girl! How did that happen so fast? And we're supposed to send them with backpacks to preschool??? Oops...